How Procrastination Stops You from Love

By Ranka Burzan
Known as the month of love, February is often focused on the romantic relationship in our lives. However, what if I told you the best love relationship you will ever have will be with only one person. That February really must be about honouring this special relationship, as this person really gets you, they intuitively know all your dreams and your secret desires.

Who is this you ask? You. And only You.

When we look at our relationship, as many of us have over the years, we can see that the best relationship we need to develop starts closer to home, as in looking within ourselves for fulfillment. Unfortunately, we put off the things that really could make a difference in our lives.

Many people hold the view it is the world around us that holds our happiness -- in the form of the perfect partner, job, house, or whatever is deemed to make us happy. So instead, we put off discovering our true wants, we never develop our skills or abilities to achieve greater professional success, we tolerate the little things piling up around us within our homes, keeping us from engaging in a beloved hobby or new craft.

Procrastination takes over our living. In turn, it stops us from truly loving ourselves and enjoying our lives.



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15 Ways to Celebrate Dine Out Vancouver Festival’s 15th Anniversary

Karva Chauth and Diwali Mela

For those who love to celebrate fun-filled festivals, the annual Karva Chauth and Diwali Mela is coming back to Royal King Palace in Surrey on October 17 from 4 pm to midnight. The event is produced by Fatma Mehendi, the owner of Fatma Studios, which is well known for its hair, makeup, mehndi and bridal services. Fatma is a distinguished mehndi artist herself and a successful entrepreneur.
Karva Chauth and Diwali Mela is open to everyone with free admission. This community event combines the fun of an ethnic market with many brands showcasing their fashion wear, designer jewellery, accessories, henna and food stalls, with the festivities of Diwali.
This year, dance to the beat of live music and enjoy listening to some of the community’s versatile singers! While moms relax at the mehndi session, kids can have fun with face painting, balloon party and snack on some yummy personal pizzas. The raffle prizes are even bigger, with $2000 worth of spa, beauty and fashion vouchers from prestigious brands.
This event is sponsored by some well-known names like Aftershock Roadshow, Mahindra Jewellers, Kamal’s Video Palace, South Asian Woman magazine, The East West Celebrations magazine, Virsa by Mankur, Canada’s First South Asian Wedding Planner by and Copytek Print Centre.

Back-to-school anxiety: BC Children’s shares tips to help

Vancouver – Today marks two weeks before the first day of school and BC Children’s Hospital reminds parents and caregivers there are steps they can take now to help children prepare for school-related anxiety and stress.

For many children and youth, beginning a new school year is an exciting time – an opportunity to make new friends, set goals, excel in a favourite subject or play on a sports team. For others it can be unnerving; common sources of anxiety are caused by several things such as, adjusting to a new routine and a new teacher, pressure to make new friends and take part in social situations. These feelings are normal for children and youth who become anxious when faced with change.

Dr. Susan Baer, psychiatrist in the Mood and Anxiety Disorders clinic at BC Children’s Hospital, recommends parents plan ahead to help ease the back-to-school transition. Whether it is your child’s first day at school, or if they are having a hard time adjusting after summer break, gradually exposing them to their environment can make a big difference.

Tips for parents and caregivers:
• Introduce children to the school year routine one to two weeks before school starts
• Plan for transitions – getting to school, returning to school after breaks
• Provide regular routines – morning, school, homework, bedtime
• Hold realistic expectations that are right for your child’s age

“Culprit” Smoothie

By Tanuja Dabir, R.H.N

Most people I talk to or see are into smoothies these days. It’s the “in-drink.”
Why not? Drinking smoothies is a power-packed, nutrient-dense, easy and palatable way to incorporate vegetables and fruits into your diet, especially the ones you don’t like to eat or would not like to “see” yourself eat.
Spinach, for example, is one green many people/kids don’t like to eat, but when blended into a smoothie, it imparts no taste at all! It’s a great way to disguise the presence of spinach. Yes, it might turn the drink green, but then that’s how you boast of being a healthy eater, isn’t it? “Look my drink is green” — this is the new symbol of being “hip!”
So where’s the problem, then? Why am I calling it a culprit? You will see as I correlate it to weight gain and digestive symptoms of bloating and gas.
Fruit, one of the main ingredients, is readily available sugar for the body. Yes, it is a healthier sugar compared to the infamous refined table sugar, but it is still sugar after all. So if your smoothie consumption is excessive and/or you are replacing meals with fruit-based smoothies, you are taking in extra calories, especially from sugar, which is the reason for the unwanted weight gain. I, too, gained weight when I first started drinking smoothies — thanks to my love for fruits, and the over-enthusiasm about drinking a “healthy” drink.

August 12! Day to Appreciate Youth Globally

By Jason Jhajj

We all know during our childhood, people tend to ask us “What do you want to be in the future?”
Your answer most probably leaned towards: “to be rich” or “to be an astronaut” or “to be successful” — all short, yet very distinct dreams that we all aspire to fulfill.
As an avid volunteer, I love to support youth and their community projects, especially those led by the youth themselves. To accomplish my task to highlight youth and their contributions, I came to know about the local youth-led “Peace Welcome Club” founded by a young man – the 17-year-old Harnoor Gill. I was impressed to learn that this young boy is quite different. Being a leader, he is now helping other young people to become leaders.
Ever since his childhood, Harnoor’s main dream was to help improve the lives of other people by lending a hand when needed…and indeed he did! He firmly believes that every child can make a difference by letting their voice be heard. Harnoor campaigns to make this happen.

Romantic Dinners to Cook with Your Partner

By Dr. Keith Kantor
Staying in and cooking at home for a romantic date night is a great idea. You can stay in your comfortable PJs, prepare a gourmet dish with the freshest and healthiest ingredients that will save you both money and excess sodium, calories and unhealthy fats. When preparing your menu, if you decide to stay in for being the date night cook, choose a dish that is gourmet and completely different and exotic than your traditional weeknight dinner options, like the clam and lamb dish below. Take your time in the preparation of the meal and enjoy that quality time with your loved one. A meal that is healthy and homemade is the best gift of any stay at home date night.

Sea Bass with Clams and Radicchio

• 4 c reduced-sodium organic chicken broth
• 1/2 lemon, thinly sliced
• 1 garlic clove, peeled
• 1/4 bunch fresh thyme sprigs (about 4 sprigs)
• 1 bay leaf
• 1 bunch radicchio
• 16 small clams, washed and scrubbed
• Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
• Extra-virgin olive oil
• 4 slices (about 4 ounces) thinly sliced pancetta, cut into strips
• 1 pound filleted sea bass, cut into 4 pieces
• 2 tablespoons unsalted butter


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