How Procrastination Stops You from Love

By Ranka Burzan
Known as the month of love, February is often focused on the romantic relationship in our lives. However, what if I told you the best love relationship you will ever have will be with only one person. That February really must be about honouring this special relationship, as this person really gets you, they intuitively know all your dreams and your secret desires.

Who is this you ask? You. And only You.

When we look at our relationship, as many of us have over the years, we can see that the best relationship we need to develop starts closer to home, as in looking within ourselves for fulfillment. Unfortunately, we put off the things that really could make a difference in our lives.

Many people hold the view it is the world around us that holds our happiness -- in the form of the perfect partner, job, house, or whatever is deemed to make us happy. So instead, we put off discovering our true wants, we never develop our skills or abilities to achieve greater professional success, we tolerate the little things piling up around us within our homes, keeping us from engaging in a beloved hobby or new craft.

Procrastination takes over our living. In turn, it stops us from truly loving ourselves and enjoying our lives.

As I have learned over the years, procrastination is less about not making good use of our time but more about stopping us from experiencing the richness our own lives have in store for us.

I know this first hand, as I was a stubborn procrastinator for many years of my life. I had an excuse for every action requiring me to change a habit, belief, or behaviour. Otherwise, it would have led to the betterment of myself and my family.

Despite good intentions to achieve more, have better health, and a functional and organized home, nothing ever happens until we commit to whatever we want to improve or change. Taking control over procrastination is liberating and empowering.

I know a little bit about life changing because in March of 2003, I did a complete overhaul of my life. The only regret I have is waiting so long to decide, darn procrastination! Finally forced by desperation to change and simplify my life, I clung to finally honouring myself by taking aligned action. I needed to fight for myself as my greatest love was at stake.

Don’t let your greatest love or life slip by. Decide right now to fall in love with living well by addressing procrastination head on.

Questions to Ask if Procrastination is Stopping You from Loving Your Life
1. Are you holding back on making decisions for the fear of making the wrong ones in your life?
2. Are you sitting in overwhelm, unsure how to start and where it is you want to go?
3. Are you struggling with boundaries around your time, people and your priorities?
4. Are you living in shame because of the clutter in your home that stops you from enjoying friends, family or hobbies in it?
5. Are you experiencing your life on a small scale when deep down, you feel you were meant for bigger things in your life?
It’s never too late to turn this around. Let the love of your life inspire the first step in stopping procrastination.

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